It Started With A Small Solution That Turned Into A Total Body System

Like most ventures, the path of SKOR® was not linear. It started with an idea to help men protect and prevent their skin from aging. But it quickly evolved into a holistic approach of taking care of oneself both internally and externally.

Like most active men, working out and eating well is routine. However, the key element to total wellness is knowing that your body works as a system and everything is connected. Everything you consume into and onto yourself will affect you.

Stress from work and life, depletes your immune system and elevates inflammation. Chronic inflammation makes your digestion suffer.  Poor gut health leads to depressed systemic function across every level of the body.  It's a vicious cycle!  That is why the idea of total wellness is really paramount! 

SKOR® was created to DEFEND AND PROTECT your body against these issues both internally and externally.  Looking AND feeling great is the mission.

That is why SKOR® was created.

SKOR® Stands For SKIN And CORE


Skor Logo


When you combine those, and make them work synergistically, you can live a powerful and healthy life.

Think of SKOR® as the Keeper in sports.

The Keeper is observant, quick to react, and is a key factor in determining the outcome of a game. Whether it is protection against inflammation, skin conditions, or even disease, Skor is The Keeper, and will act as a direct line of defense to keep your goal protected.

The bars symbolize goal posts, the wordmark standing at the center to embody the keeper himself. The skewed direction of the logo evokes a sense of movement, symbolizing the active man.

As SKOR® continues to grow more products will be introduced.