Is Men's Skin Care Different Than Women's?

This seems like a pretty obvious statement, but men’s and women’s skin might be more different than you think. Forgot the facial hair, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether it’s hiking, swimming, cycling, sitting outside having a beer or even just working in your yard, being outside means you’re being exposed to the sun and tons of environmental elements. So, taking care of your skin is just as important as eating well is.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking into the best way to protect men’s skin. Finding the right products has been challenging because so many products are developed for women. We’ve found some interesting facts about men’s skin that may surprise you.

Men’s skin is….

  • 25% thicker than women’s due to androgen hormones (think testosterone)¹
  • Thicker but more sensitive to environmental conditions than women’s skin.²
  • Drier than women’s skin and needs more moisturization.²
  • Produces 4x as much sebum as women.² This results in bigger pores and related issues like acne.
  • Exposed to more sweat. Hey guys, we sweat twice as much as women and our sweat impacts the pH levels (the alkaline/acidity balance) on our skin.¹

And, on top of all that, we’re pretty tough on our faces with shaving too. Men also have more collagen than women which should mean our skin should age slower, but most guys don’t see the benefit of that higher collagen because they aren’t taking the right precautions to protect their skin.

Alright, so what does all of this mean? A lot of skin care products are sort of a one-size-fits-all formulation or created for women. That’s why we’re developing men’s products that will defend and protect skin and the core. Nutrition plays a role in all of this too, but we’ll save that for another post!

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