Eating, Drinking, and Inflammation

This should not come as a shock to you: chronic inflammation is not good.

Sure, inflammation has a place and time when it comes to something like an injury… it's a sure-fire signal that you’ve hurt yourself and you need some medical attention. But, chronic inflammation is a whole different ball game.

Many ailments and diseases are associated with chronic inflammation. Asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, atherosclerosis, skin rashes and some cancers just to name a few.¹ 

That brings up the question, what causes inflammation?

There is good news here because lifestyle decisions like smoking, diet, chronic stress and drinking are known factors.² You might be asking yourself why that is good news. Well, because you have some control over each one. Let’s take a look at those factors: 

  • Smoking: We're not here to lecture you but to be clear, smoking serves no purpose in your life and could be a major cause of a lot of physical ailments. Do your best to reduce or stop altogether.
  • Diet and obesity: There are a lot of nutrition plans and diets out there to help you fight inflammation. Processed foods, sugar, white carbs, trans fats, and excessive oil consumption are among the list of no-nos.³Search for “anti-inflammation diet” and you’ll find a lot of research and recommendations.
  • Chronic stress: This one is tough. Work, family obligations and adulting piles up sometimes. It's key that you have some outlets that allow you to relax. Whatever your outlet is, make time to make it happen.
  • Drinking: Once again without lecturing, alcohol consumption has a negative effect on the body and when you are constantly consuming it, you're setting yourself up for some consequences. Limit the consumption and understand the cause and effect it has on your body.

At Skor, our mission has always been to help defend and protect you against the elements. Before doing that, it's imperative that you clean up your nutrition and begin some sort of exercise regime. It will do wonders for your body. 

Turmeric, Ginger & Anti-Inflammation

There are a lot of conversations around medications and treatments to fight inflammation especially natural and herbal ingredients that can play a complementary role to good lifestyle choices.

Turmeric, which has a compound called curcumin, has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for inflammation. There is a good article on turmeric’s benefits, including inflammation, here.  There has also been a lot of interest in one of turmeric’s relatives, ginger, and inflammation.  We found this article by Leo Galland, M.D., to be very informative about ginger’s benefits. 

We felt it's necessary to help you with some research so that you can see the benefits of taking Turmeric daily along with trying to include it in your diet. 



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