4 Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric has become quite popular in recent years and for good reason. It’s that bright yellow-ish spice that’s often used in curry dishes and more recently, drinks such as golden milk. It’s a common spice however, it’s now become even more common as a major health benefit. People are finding out just how much it can help them, and the list of its uses is endless. India has long been using turmeric as a spice and for medicinal purposes, the rest of the world is just now catching up. Although I could go on for what seems like an eternity about the health benefits of turmeric, I will keep it at the basics for now.

1. The Curcumin (Powerful Antioxidant)

This little miracle ingredient is the main active ingredient in turmeric. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory capabilities but, it also is a powerful antioxidant. There’s a very small percentage of curcumin in the turmeric spice used in every day foods. This means that you will need to take the turmeric meant more for health rather than flavor in order to get the most of its health benefits. The turmeric used for health has higher percentages of curcumin resulting in a more effective outcome when ingested.

2. Improved Brain Function

In this day and age, it’s rare to find someone who isn’t non-stop crazy busy. All of this stress and constant hustle and bustle can do a number on sleep patterns. All of this in turn, does a number on brain function. We’ve all been there when trying to focus or get through a project, exercise, or basic day to day functions can feel overwhelming because your brain is just over it. Turmeric has the ability to refuel the BDF growth hormone in your body which produces better brain function.

3. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart problems are prevalent in today’s society. They are the number one cause of death in the United States. This just goes to show how important heart health is and how much we should be focusing on it in our daily routines. Turmeric increases or repairs the function of the lining of your blood vessels which is what leads to lowering your risk of heart disease.

4. Can Help Prevent Cancer Growth

I mentioned before that turmeric is very powerful. The health benefits of turmeric are almost too much to fathom. Get this, turmeric can even help prevent the spread or growth of cancer. Healthlinestates that, “In a 30-day study in 44 men with lesions in the colon that sometimes turn cancerous, 4 grams of curcumin per day reduced the number of lesions by 40%.” Remember that curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric that makes it so powerful. How it works is that turmeric basically reduces the growth of cancerous cells which in turn, inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors.

I’ve only covered four basic things that this little miracle can do. The health benefits of turmeric are too many to list in one article. You get the idea of how powerful it is though, right? Could you imagine what it could do if you started taking it daily?

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