2 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Ginger

It’s a little crazy to think about all that nature has to offer when it comes to our health. There are natural options like ginger, that offer a plethora of health benefits without putting added chemicals into our body.

There are countless reasons why you should be taking ginger in your daily routine. However, I’m only going to name two because they top the list.

Great for Digestion

Ginger is great for just about everything that’s connected to your stomach or digestive system. Ginger works as an anti-inflammatory which keeps the intestines, colon, etc, calm and in a less painful state. Inflammation is a common response from the body when it’s trying to protect and heal an issue going on in the body. Often times, swelling in the digestive tract is a sign of diseases or disorders such as IBC, Crohn’s, etc. These issues occur, and the body tries to correct it by causing inflammation and alerting the white blood cells. However, it overreacts and that’s when the problems arise. Ginger helps calm the digestive tract down when this begins to happen or during it. The inflammation can cause pain and discomfort so, it’s nice to have a natural option to relieve that.

Ginger is also great for calming the stomach. Quite in the same way it soothes the intestines and inflammation, it helps reduce nausea. Ginger ale is a common remedy when someone gets sick. There’s even a viral meme going around about how common it is to use ginger ale to calm your stomach when sick. So, it’s clearly been known for quite a while now that ginger aids in calming an upset stomach and legitimately works.

It Reduces Risk for Many Diseases and Conditions

Ginger is a powerful antioxidant. I could talk for days on how amazing it is and why you should be taking ginger on a daily basis. It’s so powerful that it can help prevent heart disease. Not only does it lower blood pressure, but it lowers lipoproteins which is a big factor in causing heart issues.

Outside of heart disease, ginger also reduces the risk of diabetes. People can be born with diabetes; however, many more develop diabetes due to obesity, poor eating habits, etc. In order to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, you can add ginger into your food or daily regimen on some way. Ginger works to regulate your insulin levels as well as boost your metabolism. These two aspects are critical to avoiding diabetes.

Because ginger is an anti-inflammatory, it has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer. This isn’t fully tested yet however, it has shown great promise in the lab testing. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of ginger has shown that it can block cancer cell growth. This effectively reduces the risk and spread of cancer.

It’s absolutely amazing the health benefits ginger has. I’ve only covered two major benefits and it’s hard to imagine that it’s barely a drop in the bucket. There are plenty of reasons why you should add ginger to your daily intake and I hope I’ve provided enough to convince you.

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